Yao Fu

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Yao Fu 符尧. yao.fu@ed.ac.uk

I am a Ph.D. student at the University of Edinburgh (2020-) with professor Mirella Lapata. I finished my M.S. at Columbia University (2018-2020) with professor John Cunningham and my B.S. at Peking University (2013-2018) with professor Yansong Feng. Before Ph.D., I spent great time visiting professor Alexander Rush at Cornell University (2019-2020).

I study probabilistic models for human language.

I build generative models guided by Bayesian principles, equipped with large language models, utilizing efficient inference, and grounded to real-world language scenarios.

My research is equally distributed into Probabilistic Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing. Usually, NLP people think I’m doing ML while ML people think I’m doing NLP. My publications cover the following topics:

I’m maintaining the following reading lists as research roadmaps:




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