Yao Fu

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Yao Fu 符尧. yao.fu@ed.ac.uk

I am a Ph.D. student at the University of Edinburgh (2020-) with professor Mirella Lapata. I finished my M.S. at Columbia University (2018-2020) with professor John Cunningham and my B.S. at Peking University (2013-2018) with professor Yansong Feng. Before Ph.D., I spent great time visiting professor Alexander Rush at Cornell Tech (2019-2020).

I study large-scale generative models for human language.

My research objective is to make large language models the next generation computational platforms, empower developers to create applications, and build a new language model based ecosystem together with the community. My works study on how to inject strong abilities (like complex reasoning) to language models from first principles. My article on tracing language model abilities to their sources is now an important roadmap about large language model evolution. Before the LLM era, I studied generative models, latent variable models, variational inference, and structure prediction.

I am expected to graduate in Dec 2023 and will be on job market for industrial positions of building large language models.




Research in Large Language Models


Complex Reasoning

Multi-Agent Game


Early reseach before large language models