Yao Fu

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My name is Yao Fu 符尧

I am a Ph.D. student at the University of Edinburgh (2020-) with Prof. Mirella Lapata. I finished my M.S. at Columbia University (2018-2020) with Prof. John Cunningham and my B.S. at Peking University (2013-2018) with Prof. Yansong Feng. Before Ph.D., I spent great time visiting Prof. Alexander Rush at Cornell University (2019-2020).

I study machine learning problems rooted from NLP tasks, particularly generation and structured prediction. I derive probabilistic models guided by Bayesian principles, equipped with modern architectures, utilizing efficient inference, and grounded to linguistics and real-world scenarios.

In terms of specific topics, I am interested in

Many topics that I’m interested in are covered by the following reading list: